Margaret McDonell Shines…

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Margaret McDonell Shines as Student Representative for the National CRNA-PAC Committee

We are excited to note that DNAP Class of 2020 student Margaret ‘Maggie’ McDonell was elected as the Student Representative for the national CRNA-PAC Committee. This is a great honor as only one student member per year is elected by the CRNA-PAC Committee from a slate designated by the AANA Board of Directors. 

In this role, Maggie recently had the opportunity to serve on a panel at Mid-Year Assembly 2019. The room was packed with leaders from our profession and students from all over the country. However, Maggie did not seem phased by the massive audience. She was articulate and warm as she represented the AANA and the Georgetown DNAP program by answering questions and sharing her experience in the role of Student Representative!