Program Highlights

At the celebration luncheon for the senior students. DNAP Programs Awards were announced.

DNAP Program Awards 2023:

1. Academic Excellence Award: Laura Baillie, BSN, SRNA

2. Program Leadership Award: Max Rozenberg, BSN, SRNA

3. Clinical Excellence Award: Alexis McHale, BSN, SRNA

4. 2023 School of Nursing Tropaia Award for Outstanding Student in the DNAP Program- Ashley Featherstone, BSN, SRNA

5. Research Excellence Award: Comparison of the Efficacy of IV Ketamine versus IV Ketamine with Adjunctive Glutathione Therapy in Patients with Major Depressive Disorder.

  • Christina Collins, BSN, SRNA
  • Lindsay Donohue, BSN, SRNA
  • Michelle Sales, BSN, SRNA
  • Julia Totoraitis, BSN, SRNA

Volunteering their time and perspective as a student in a nurse anesthesia program, the following students are serving as student representatives to support committee work and play a part in creating, improving, and implementing new strategies, and programs at the AANA.

Isabel Braun – AANA Foundation Student Advocate 

Joseph Yap – AANA CRNA-PAC Committee

Kara Lucenti- AANA Peer Assistance Panel 

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