Student Reflections

Healy Hall on a sunny day.

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Class of 2021 DNAP students share reflections on what an education in the Georgetown DNAP program means to them…

Trent Masselink, BSN, RN

“My name is Trent Masselink and I am in the class of 2021. I am from Arizona and hadn’t lived in any other state so when I decided to go to anesthesia school, I specifically looked at schools on the East Coast. I applied to Georgetown which, besides being a prestigious program, is located in an incredible part of the country with access to resources and individuals not available in other places not near the nation’s capital. I also chose to go Georgetown because of their anatomy lab and fully functioning simulation area.

I was accepted and started in the summer of 2018 and was expecting an experience similar to nursing school with competitiveness as well as lots of friction with the faculty. As soon as I started, I realized it was nothing like that. While my classmates are so extremely intelligent, we all work together to push and encourage one another to be better. The faculty, which I have the privilege of working with closer as I am the class president, have since day one made it their goal to come alongside us and go above and beyond to help us succeed. This is a challenging program but I have grown so much, more so than I thought possible. The education and investment I am putting into myself and my future by going to Georgetown will make it worth it”. -Trent, DNAP ’21

Chelsea Varner, BSN, RN

“I am a first-year student in the DNAP CRNA program from Atlanta, Georgia. When evaluating CRNA programs, I had a list of important qualities that I was looking for in a program. Of those qualities, one of the most important was that

I would be challenged in a curriculum meant to adequately prepare me to be a safe and confident CRNA provider directly out of school. I chose Georgetown for my CRNA doctoral education not only because I knew that it would be more challenging than some other programs, but upon interviewing, the faculty made me feel like I would be more than a student, but a colleague as well. I’m glad that I followed my instinct because the faculty at Georgetown have been wonderful and approachable, and truly make you feel like they are there to ensure that you succeed in the program. In addition, it is truly evident that our opinions on issues that arise, as well as future progress, are considered valuable to the overall success of the DNAP program.” Chelsea, DNAP ’21

Jan Hardinger, BSN, RN, CCRN

“I knew Georgetown was where I was meant to receive my DNAP education when I first met the faculty and staff. I instantly knew that I would be challenged and held to a high academic standard while at the same time recognizing I would be completely supported by the instructors in reaching my fullest potential.” Jan, DNAP ’21

Bobby Crutchley, BSN, RN

“I chose Georgetown because it offers a well-planned didactic curriculum and the opportunity to learn anatomy in their cadaver lab. The faculty work with students very closely and will do anything to help you succeed. Lastly, Georgetown provides unique clinical opportunities that prepare you to practice anesthesia independently upon graduation!” Bobby, DNAP ’21