Crystal O’Guin Faculty Profile

Crystal O’Guin, DNP, CRNA is an Assistant Professor in the Georgetown University Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice Program. She is the course director for Introduction to Nurse Anesthesia, Advanced Principles of Anesthesia II, Advanced Principles of Anesthesia III, Health Policy, and Evidence Based Research Methods I and II. Dr. O’Guin team-teaches in courses throughout the program in both the classroom and simulation lab. She oversees doctoral research projects as a first reader and advisor to Georgetown DNAP students. Dr. O’Guin is the Research Director for the DNAP program where she oversees the construction and development of the research coursework, IRB submission, and project evolution for the doctoral students.

Dr. O’Guin graduated from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center DNP program in Memphis, TN. As a DNP student, she explored postoperative cognitive dysfunction in the elderly and completed her doctoral project on ‘Acupressure in the prevention of postoperative nausea and vomiting’ (Thweatt, K., O’Guin, C., Finder, S.). 

Dr. O’Guin holds a Master’s Degree in Nursing Education from Union University in Jackson, TN. She was previously an instructor in a BSN program and worked in staff development as an educator in the hospital setting. She was the hospital Course Director of ACLS and PALS at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital from 2008 to 2015 where she started and coordinated a high-fidelity simulation program. 

In addition to her role at the University, Dr. O’Guin is currently practicing anesthesia at the bedside in the outpatient and hospital settings. She also served as a preceptor to nurse anesthesia students in the clinical setting.  

Her current interests include perioperative arrest and crisis management. Dr. O’Guin volunteers on professional committees including the NBCRNA Continued Professional Certification Assessment Standard Setting Committee (2018) and the AANA Foundation Spring & Fall Grant Review Committees (2019; 2020). She was a member of the group attending the AANA Inaugural Health Policy Institute class at George Mason University (2019). She is a member of the AANA Faculty Stabilization Task Force (2020; 2021). She is the Sigma Theta Tau Chapter Counselor for the DNAP students and an article reviewer for the International Student Journal of Nurse Anesthesia. Dr. O’Guin is also both a member of the Honor Council for the University and of the Faculty Development Committee for the School of Nursing and Health Studies.

Scholarly publications and presentations have included: 

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