HGO Legislative Student Representation

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Student Anesthetist Joe Yas attended a MANA event hosting legislators from Maryland’s Health and Government Operations (HGO) committee. These delegates are responsible for passing (or denying) bills that pertains to healthcare related issues, including CRNAs.

“Going on multiple of these events has broadened my understanding of the importance of advocacy and policy in our profession. Connecting with legislators can help develop a future professional relationship where we can properly educate them on bills that pertain to CRNAs to not only protect our practice, but expand it”.

J. Yap

“It is integral that current and future CRNAs/SRNAs not only be advocate for their patients but also for ourselves and our profession so we may continue to provide high-quality, vigilant anesthetic services to all of our patients without being restricted in our care. It is never too early to start.”